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Part II
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Advance Level

1. Dragon Holy Grail Of Baccarat
The "flattest" flat bet system that can averages 10 units and capital requirement is 10 units and tested over 500 shoes based OLD and FTL betting sequencesDragon's Holy Grail Of baccarat is the key to open casino safe legally

Price without taxes:  $100,000.00
2.  Beginner  Blackjack

2. Never Lose
GUARANTEED AVERAGE OF 100 UNITS PER SHOEUniquely for all professionals. Flat, negative & positive progression bet system.

Price without taxes:  $50,000.00
3.  Baccarat Intermediate Level 1

3. Baccarat Intermediate Level 1
Developed for the pros & beginners to win consistently without any fear of the game. Developed with our unique betting sequences that are in line with the statistics. AVERAGE 4.5 UNITS PER SHOE

Price without taxes:  $2,500.00
4.  Baccarat Intermediate Level 2

4. Baccarat Intermediate Level 2
AVERAGE 13 UNITS PER SHOEStatistically proven 100% to win with deadly combination with level 1. System can adapt to flat/near flat/positive/negative progression betting sequences.

Price without taxes:  $6,500.00
5.  Advanced Level

5. Advanced Level
System special betting sequences has been noted by "Shift Managers" for consistent wins with high winning averages. It's Natural 9...Never Lose! CERTIFIED CONSISTENCY! AVERAGE 25 units per shoe

Price without taxes:  $8,000.00

6. Phoenix Holy Grail Of Baccarat  
The very best of the best baccarat flat bet system that is second to Dragon's Holy Grail. Plays without any emotion with flat bet that averages 2 units per shoe and yet has the lowest set back. Statistically proven and capital requirements is mere 10 units.

Price without taxes:  $15,000.00
6.  Phoenix Ultimate Blackjack

7. Phoenix Ultimate Blackjack
Guaranteed to have blackjackpot with this system!Mathematical wonder that all card counters is amazed that we can win without card counting. Mathematic genious from our one and only lady developer

Price without taxes:  $9,500.00

7. Dragon's Holy Grail of Baccarat Part II
Guaranteed 3 units per shoe from 500 tested shoes!Mathematical correct and can be played together with the ulimate Dragon's Holy Grail of Baccarat

Price without taxes:  $15000.00
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